Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Late Guest for Christmas Dinner

Last night, we heard squabbling on the porch. We assumed it was this year's brood of junior raccoons and opened the door to watch them scatter (or listen anyway). But to our surprise, it wasn't the 'coons, but a 'possum instead.

It didn't seem to be afraid of us and munched quietly on the left-overs while we both took pictures! One thing that concerned me was the rusty patch on the side of it's head. There was a smaller patch on the other side. I looked up some pictures of possums (Opossum, to be accurate), and none seemed to have that coloring -- so I hope it wasn't injured. I'm sure they tangle regularly enough with the 'coons. On the other hand, we saw a what I'm pretty sure was a coyote run across the driveway the other night, so there's no telling. (My husband thinks it was a fox, but I think it was too big for a fox...)

Anyway. Here's another shot of the 'possum -- note it's splayed "fingers", and you can barely see the opposable thumb on it's back foot!


Elizabeth said...

How neat, Stormy! We have a huge coyote problem, which I guess explains why we don't have a raccoon or possum problem. (After last year when they got one of our dogs, we have to keep ALL of our critters locked up from dusk 'til dawn.)

The only time I saw a possum up close was on the front porch of a former house eating out of a cat dish, and at first I thought it was a cat, until it turned around and saw me, bared its' teeth and literally SCREAMED. I screamed too and it went running.

You take such wonderful pics and I love your stories and views on nature. Our best moments and life's best gifts are found right outside our door too. Some might say we are crazy - but we know we are truly blessed.

Thanks for this site and I look forward to sharing little glimpses of your heaven.


Stormy said...


We lost both of our (indoor) cats to coyotes. (Obviously, they got out when they shouldn't have.)

We almost lost our Doberman to a possum! She caught it and slung it and threw her back out. They wanted $3000 to fuse her spine. Fortunately, we just kept her still and in a few months she was ok. (Except she ran like an old car that's been rear-ended -- a little crooked. :-)