Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yellow bird

Captured this bird on June 8th. Good for a first post here.
A crop duster spraying either fertilizer or bug spray. You can almost see the grin on the pilot's face. They love their jobs.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


I saw these two different dragonflies in the same place -- along with a butterfly, that I was unable to catch!

I have no idea what kind of dragonflies these are. This one might be a Great Pondhawk, E. vesiculosa

This spotted-winged dragonfly was found in the same place. I think this is a "Prince Baskettail" - Epitheca Princeps

Shiny Cowbird -- I think...

I believe this is a male shiny cowbird. We saw quite a few today. I was commenting to Marc that we were seeing plenty of individual male Red-winged blackbirds, but not the large flocks that we saw in the winter. He commented that was because they were breeding.

I think that's a good explanation for this bird. The female blackbirds are off tending their nests, and the female cowbirds are laying their eggs in the blackbird's nests, for the blackbirds to raise!


I've been wanting to get a shot of a killdeer for quite a while. They are very common around our area. This one was very cooperative and mostly just stood in that one spot. I'm guessing there was a nest nearby.

Lucky Shot!

We saw this Snowy Egret along Morton's Rd. Suddenly, I noticed that he was flying off. I didn't have time to re-focus, but simply turned and clicked! It's a little fuzzy, but I think it came out pretty well under the circumstances!