Saturday, June 09, 2007


I saw these two different dragonflies in the same place -- along with a butterfly, that I was unable to catch!

I have no idea what kind of dragonflies these are. This one might be a Great Pondhawk, E. vesiculosa

This spotted-winged dragonfly was found in the same place. I think this is a "Prince Baskettail" - Epitheca Princeps


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hello Marc,

I was visiting Lee when I read your very kind comment on my loss of Oscar. I've been having a look at your posts and I love the photographs of nature and you and Stormy have taken...they are beautiful.

We have lots of dragonflies, mayflies, and lacewings here in summer plus various butterflies,too.

I think your kittens are just beautiful and maybe, one day, I could consider another. It's hard to say at this stage.

Once again, thank you for your kind comment.


Lee said...

Hi Stormy...another lot of great pics. You take such wonderful photos...and they're always so interesting. :)

Stormy said...

Hi Robyn,

Thanks for stopping by. It takes time, when you lose a cherished friend. It's been almost 4 years since Moss slipped out unnoticed -- never to be seen again. It's really taken us this long to be ready to adopt these two. They are so much fun to watch. Now we can be glad.

Stormy said...

Hi Lee,

Thank you as always. It seems inevitable that bird watchers (and photographers) soon take notice of dragonflies and butterflies. Especially in an area like ours where so many birds go North for the Summer, and suddenly what's flying around are bugs. These are the interesting ones.