Saturday, June 09, 2007

Shiny Cowbird -- I think...

I believe this is a male shiny cowbird. We saw quite a few today. I was commenting to Marc that we were seeing plenty of individual male Red-winged blackbirds, but not the large flocks that we saw in the winter. He commented that was because they were breeding.

I think that's a good explanation for this bird. The female blackbirds are off tending their nests, and the female cowbirds are laying their eggs in the blackbird's nests, for the blackbirds to raise!

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david said...


This is a nice photo of a Common Grackle, not a Shiny Cowbird. Shiny Cowbirds are still rare in North America (most often found in southern Florida), and they have dark eyes, short bills, and shorter tails.

Good birding,