Saturday, January 27, 2007


So this afternoon was a bit overcast, but we decided to drive around and play with the new camera settings.

This Robin was very cooperative at first. Unfortunately, I'm using more manual controls and having a hard time getting a really clear shot.

This was a great heron shot -- but it's really hard to keep the focus when you're hand-holding the camera and trying to follow the bird!

Interestingly today, when I have a camera that will follow the movement a little better (ok - I'm still working on it!) -- none of the birds wanted to fly. They were very cooperative at sitting still. I guess I shouldn't complain. This is probably one of my best kestrel shots so far.

So here was a real surprise. I saw these birds on the high-wires as we drove by -- white tummies and rufus chests. We passed them by. Then I decided we really needed to go back and see what they were. Wow! Eastern Bluebirds! The maps show that they may be found in our area, but I had never seen one here. Another one for the list!

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