Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fall Migration is Beginning!

Well, it's been a long time since we've posted to the blog. That's because, just as the birds fly south for the winter, they also fly north for the summer. We're South -- so around here, we just don't have a lot of birds to take pictures of during the summer.

But lately we've been seeing ducks. Lots of ducks flying by. No geese yet, but they'll come. And very soon, we should start seeing more hawks. There is a spot near Corpus Christi where several hawk flyways converge. We went last year (won't be going this year). We were a week late to see any great numbers of birds, but we found out that the best week to be there is the third week/weekend in September. That's next week.

My work schedule is going to be pretty hectic for the next month or so, but we're planning a trip to near West Texas, probably in November and we'll be going Coastal around that time too, with the hopes of seeing Whooping Cranes. So things should pick up again soon. Stay tuned!


Lee said...

Glad you "ducked" in, Stormy. :)

When you're out West Texas way, make sure you listen to the great music they create out that way. I've a big fan of West Texas music.

Stormy said...

Hi Lee -

I was afraid everyone had stopped checking, since it's been so long!

Lee said...

No...not me, Stormy...I check regularly..

A guy I know in Noosa is from Corpus Christi. He was a neighbour at one stage and he's still living in Noosa. He's been here in Australia for years now. He's a real surf lover.