Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pictures from the Porch

After a really hectic week at work, I was relaxing on the porch and saw this dragonfly on the antenna of my truck. It's covered with spider webs, so I'm not sure if it was eating them or what. It sat there for a long time and let me take several pictures.

And then there was this little lady humming bird, coming by for a snack. She visited our "flower" several times, while I was only sitting a few feet away. She was pretty nervous though.

Here she is at the "flower".


american woman said...

these are great of the Hummingbirds. I have sat fairly close to them but haven't tried to shoot them yet. I am working on the cardinals getting used to me. They will come within about 8 feet briefly.

Stormy said...

I've found the hummers to be braver than the cardinals. Usually I take the cardinals through the window, or from a distance with lots of zoom.

Sandra said...

Great photos I just love the way you get the shots.

Stormy said...

Hi Sandra -

I thought of you when I was posting these -- I know that you are especially fond of the hummers.