Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First, an apology

Well, hello. Yes, I'm still alive and I wish to apologize to everyone for taking almost 6 months to continue the blog. I've been struggling with some real motivation issues -- not that it's an excuse, I suppose I've just been lazy. Of all the photos I took on the trip to Canada, I picked about 100 that I want to share. Unfortunately, I'm an average photographer with a lot of help from my photo editor. So I'm looking at about 100 photos that need to be edited to share with you. That may have had a bit of an influence on my motivation. ;-)

So, after being chided by some of you to "get with it" -- I decided that I need to do just that! Fall migration is happening, and we're about to get more birds in the area to photograph, and I really need to get all my trip pictures online first. So following will be another engagement of the Canada trip photos. I won't promise that I'll get them all up right away, but it's a start!

Thanks for your patience!

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