Sunday, April 29, 2007

Crested Caracara

For those of you who visit this blog regularly, you will realize that I am particularly fond of birds of prey, and you might think that the Red Tail Hawk is my favorite. But the truth is, the Red Tail is #2 on my list. This bird is #1.

One of the first uncommon (to me) birds that we saw when we moved out to the country was a Crested Caracara. I have always wanted to get a good shot of one, and yesterday on our brief outing, we saw this fine fellow. While he was sitting on the telephone pole, he gave us several great poses.

But once he decided to fly, he was particularly difficult, putting his back to us, and putting several poles and wires between himself and the camera. Still they are such majestic birds! (We try not to think of the fact that they are carrion-eaters, who only rarely hunt.)


Sandra said...

Wow I need to come over here to check out your photos. Those were great. My mom and dad live in the hill country outside of San Antonio and she loves watching her birds even the hummers.

Lee said...

Great shots again, always. Thanks for sharing them with us. :)

LePhare said...

Found you by accident, but will visit again to view your beautiful photos.

Stormy said...

Hi Sandra,

We haven't seen too many hummers yet -- we have a feeder up. They are even harder to catch than CaraCara! ;-)

Welcome to the blog!

Stormy said...

Hi Lee,

Thanks. Marc was jealous, and he's bought himself a digital SLR, so maybe he'll get his blog up and running too. But now that we're both getting over our allergies, and we've gotten the infamous polished washer working again, maybe we can get out and do more bird pics!

Stormy said...

Hi Lephare,

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like the photos.

shannon said...

Good stuff, Stormy.

Stormy said...

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for stopping by!