Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Our Rainy Trip

I've always loved weather and clouds and storms (though, I'll admit I don't like driving in them!).

Our trip to Rockport was pretty overcast with rain off and on the whole time. On our last day there, we went out on the pier belonging to the place we were staying (eveyone has a "private pier" there!) and I took some pictures of the approaching weather. Somehow, I kept thinking -- this is June 1st -- the first day of hurricane season!

In the last picture (above), you can see it raining out over the bay!

Before we left, we went to eat and I shot this pic of a blue heron walking along the docks. Notice that the conrete is wet!

On the way home we really got into the rain! It rained hard and fast -- so fast that as we were driving past the Aransas Wildlife Refuge, the water was over the road (see the arrow in the pic above)!

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