Monday, July 23, 2007

The Blue Ghost-Lady Lexington

The Lexington played a large role in our defeat of the Japanese Navy in WWII. She was almost sunk by Kamakazi's, but was repaired and lived on for many years. Now on display at Corpus Christi, Texas, she is now a link to the past for anyone wanting to see how our Sailors and Airmen lived during the war. The flight deck would be much too short for our modern Fighters, but is a good display ground for many aircraft, as you will see.

First, the Lex:
To the left, the super structure. Not a good place to be when you are taking incoming fire. It was a long way down to the Poop deck!

If the south Texas coast is in your travel plans, you need to visit this grand old lady. She served us well, as did the life blood of our nation who served on her. She stands as a tribute to our resolve in WW II. God bless our Veterans who served!

Here is a good history link for those of you interested.

Next, a good front shot. A bit patched and dented from war, but a good and faithfull ship.

The above views were from our balcony across from the beach about 1000 yards away.

We were on the top floor, so the view was wonderful.

Back to the Lex

The AA Guns were inreresting to look at.

In the foreground, 20MM cannons. The pods to the far right are life rafts. Seems a precarious location to store inflatibles. The ship also had a few 40mm cannons (5").

Next the aircraft on (and under) deck. New post coming up.


Lee said...

The "Kitty Hawk" has just visited Brisbane,having left yesterday. I would have loved to have gone down to see "her" but was unable to do so because of other commitments. It seems appropriate that you posted these pics and story. :)

Marc said...

Thanks Lee,
I am still working on more pics. They have to be reduced from about 25Mb each or you would be waiting untill next year waiting for them to load.

Marc said...

For some reason, Blogger is messing up links. I hate having to edit HTML directly. The link to the history site now looks good, for those that care.