Sunday, July 01, 2007

More Rain

My apologies to everyone for not posting much recently. We've been out a couple of times, but more often than not it's raining, or certainly darkly overcast. We're pretty lucky to live up on a hill with a creek running through our property, so it picks up the local rainwater and carries it off to the river. But the Brazos river takes the outflow from a huge water shed.

During low water times, you can often see sandbars in the river. I don't think this is quite to flood stage, but it's getting close. If you look right down the middle from the joint in the bridge rail, you can see lots of debris being carried downstream.

We took our cameras with the intention of getting this shot from the I-10 bridge, but there is a lot of traffic and I didn't feel comfortable having us stop (even on the shoulder). So, while you can't tell it, I've taken this shot from a much more interesting (or at least historical) location. This shot was taken from the bridge on FM1458, just outside of San Felipe, Texas, looking south. San Felipe was the home of Stephen F. Austin and his original 300 settlers to Texas. Just west of this spot is the Stephen F. Austin historical area, which contains a house and a store (or the old buildings at least).

I read recently, that the settlers to the east of the river had a lot of trouble getting to the official settlement where business and legal transactions took place. When you see the river like this, you can understand why!

For more information on this historical area, search for "Stephen F. Austin" or "Old Three Hundred".


Anonymous said...

Marc and Stormy, looks like more rain is in store. I have been to San Felipe. Tiny spot of Texas history. I look forward to more pictures from you two.

Lee said...

And it's about time too! ;)

It's great to see all that water flowing.