Sunday, July 08, 2007

Trip to Corpus and Beyond...

We decided to stay home on the 4th (to avoid reckless drivers) and headed to the coast on Thursday. We headed off for Fulton/Rockport as usual. I was a bit worried that we had not made reservations in advance -- but it was a good thing! Due to all the rain, the road that ran by the Aransas Wildlife Reserve was flooded. We were only planning to spend the night in Fulton and head on to Corpus, so we ended up skipping Fulton and went on.

As it turns out, it had been raining the night before, so the Indepen- dence Day fireworks display was held on the 5th! Shooting fireworks was a new experience for me. Lesson #1 -- ALWAYS use a tripod! As you can see, it's hard to hold still for multiple seconds. This is one of the better of the shots.

I didn't take a lot of pictures on Thursday -- it was pretty soggy everywhere. But I did get one really great shot of Marc -- very introspective.

The next day we visited the USS Lexington -- this was Marc's goal. He wanted to get some good airplane shots with his new camera. I'll let him post those, I only took a couple. The one really good picture that I took on the Lex was a shot of my favorite Veteran in front of the flag on the bow.


LePhare said...

Nothing wrong with the hand held firework shot. The slight shake adds to the effect.

Stormy said...

Thanks Lephare! It is kind of cool, isn't it... ;-)