Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It's been almost a year since my last post.  Several things have happened since then, and my life has changed significantly.  I've decided to get my blog going again, but it will be less about birds and more about my "Cabin in the Woods."  Part of my problem with the previous blog was the time it took to edit the photographs so they would load quickly (and the birds would be visible).  Well, my old computer died, and I bought a Mac.  Surprisingly, it did not come with photo editing software (or if it did, I haven't found it).

I did not mention it in my last post, but Marc was not well on that trip.  His health continued to deteriorate.  In March, we "officially" learned that he had Pancreatic Cancer, and he passed away the day before Easter in April.  Needless to say, things have been ... well, different.  My neighbors, family and friends have been wonderful and very supportive and I'm grateful!

I'm planning to turn my Cabin in the Woods into a homestead.  I'm going to plant a garden (with a fence -- the deer are already eating Marc's bananas!!).  This will be quite a challenge, because besides the animals (not just deer), the area is largely shaded.  I'm also considering getting some chickens, so I'll hopefully be more self-sufficient.

Before of the area where the garden will be
I'll still talk about birds some (not just chickens!), but I'm planning to make this more a journal of the homestead.  This is the area where the garden will be.  The "lump" in the center left is the "old" 4' square of garden with it's fence.  It was "mowed over" by the tractor.

After of the same area.
Here is the "after" version.  If I have chickens, the coop will go by the tractor shed, now clearly visible in the photo.  Of course, I no longer have a tractor, so I may need to call it something else.

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