Monday, May 08, 2006

Brazos Bend

I would like to post pretty regularly on this blog, but I don't always have new pictures to share. However, I do have some previous pictures, so from time to time, I'll fill in with those. My office-mate at work is also a bird-lover and has been after me to make a trip to Brazos Bend state park which is a good location for a day-trip. I was further tempted by the lure of Anhingas, which I did not have on my life list.

So in April, we made the trip to Brazos Bend -- and I added 4 new birds to the list!

Here are two shots of Anhingas. They look similar to Cormorants, but have white on their wings. These are both males.
We did see a pair -- the female has a white head, neck and breast. They were definitely courting, but we were unable to get a good photo.

Here's another new bird on my list, a Green Heron. I loved this view of him hunting. He was totally frozen in place. Later we have a few shots from a different angle.










Another new bird that was a bit of a surprise was the blue winged teal. I should mention that the lakes there were really low and full of algae (or something floating in the water, as you can see here).

Another new bird was the solitary sandpiper:

I also saw what I thought was a Northern Waterthrush -- but I didn't get a picture.
I'll show you more pictures tomorrow!

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