Sunday, May 28, 2006


So all of Marc's buddies at LST have been wondering what he looks like -- so he asked me to post a picture! The pic below is my favorite -- only marred by the fact that he wasn't smiling.

He usually wears a red T-shirt (though sometimes blue, and sometimes gray), usually with "USA" or a flag, or something similar.

Here is another pic that shows him in a more natural state -- he has a wonderful smile (a little shaggy tho on this one)! Both pictures are from our birding trips... and yes the hat, though appropriately red -- is not "made in the USA".

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Anonymous said...

Tomorrow the Compound shuts down, except for Racoon mischief and Bird stuff from the away team. They won't post, so good luck to you on your missions.

No posts from Rockport. You guys are on your own. God bless you on Memorial Day!