Monday, May 01, 2006

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Tonight we drove into the big town of Katy for dinner. There are 5 restaurants that we go to there: Chinese, BBQ, Seafood and two Mexican. The one Mexican and Seafood restaurant that are owned by the same people were closed, so we ate at the other Mexican place to show our support for them being open! So now there are three restaurants we eat at in Katy.

On the way home we saw a pair of Yellow Crowned Night Herons on a power pole. Of course, I didn't have my camera. We've been seeing another heron-like bird closer to Brookshire, but have not been able to get a reliable identification on it. I'm still amazed at the types of birds I've seen on power poles -- herons, ducks, and of course all sorts of little "wire birds" and "insulator hawks".

Here is a Yellow Crowned Night Heron I photographed last year -- it's one of my best photos!

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