Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fair Weather Photographer

I was reading in a photography magazine recently that if you want to get the best shots, you need to be prepared to take pictures any place and any time. It said, "Don't be a fair weather photographer." Well, not only am I a fair weather photographer, but also a weekend birder -- there just isn't any daylight left in the winter time after work!

I've started somewhat of a routine, driving the same roads and searching the same fields. I usually end up on Woods Road -- where I'm likely to find a Red Tail just before the overpass (though he wasn't there today), a Kestrel down the road a bit, and a couple of Northern Harriers working the fields.

I didn't see any Harriers in the places I expected them, but this bird was busily working a field where the Kestrel usually perches on the telephone wires.

Harriers are usually difficult for me to photograph. They are usually flying low over fields, which are usually gray stubble this time of year, so they tend to blend in. AND, catching them in flight is a challenge. This bird was very cooperative and stayed within my view.

I was a bit disappointed that we didn't see the usual birds along Woods road -- no Red Tail, and no Kestrel, until... wait! What was that?

I looked up and there was the Kestrel, flying up to perch on the wires. Because it was very windy today, the perching birds were leaning into the wind, so the shots were a bit different. Most of my shots were a bit blurry, possibly because I was being blown around a bit! The Kestrel decided to fly, and for once, I was able to catch the shot! Yipee!

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