Saturday, February 24, 2007

Red-winged Black Birds

Driving down a dirt road that runs between old Hwy 90 and a flooded field, we startled a flock of red-winged blackbirds.

Admittedly, they startled me a bit as well, but I was able to capture something of their flight. The blurriness of the shot was probably inevitable, and yet, I think it highlights those red flashes that give this bird it's name.

I've wanted to get a good shot of a Red-winged blackbird for a while, but it's usually been a bit of a challenge. This fellow was very cooperative, though he wanted to have a few branches between us. He never did fly! He was proud of his shoulder patches (epaulets?) and was singing merrily (though not in this shot). ;-)


Lee said...

These certainly are terrific looking very handsome. We don't have these ones down here in Aus. I see I'm going to have to try to capture some more of the birdlife here to show you and Marc, Stormy, too.

Stormy said...

Lee -

I'd love to see more of your birds! And you're doing great with your camera -- though, as I guess you've noticed birds can be a bit challenging!