Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kestrel and Kingfisher

There is a certain spot along old Hwy 90 where the ditch is usually filled with water, and obviously something else (like crawfish?) because there is often a belted kingfisher on the wire above it!

My guess is it's the same kingfisher every time. But, I'm not sure. This male's "belt" doesn't seem to go all the way across, which suggests that it may be a juvenile.

This picture was taken from the side of Hwy 90, but we went around to the other side of the ditch (and railroad tracks) to a dirt road that runs parallel to the highway.

There we encountered this delightful little Kestrel! He was a little flighty, but not too much so. And he seemed willing to give me some really good shots!

He even turned around and looked at us over his shoulder -- what an interesting shot!

My early pictures of kestrels have not come out as well as I would have liked. Perhaps because of their size and the distance at which I have to shoot to keep from spooking them. With the new camera, and a particularly accommodating bird, my kestrel pictures are improving!

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