Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sunday Birding

Yes, I know it's Tuesday -- I'm a little late getting these shots up!

We went out Sunday afternoon -- it was a beautiful, clear day. We were hoping to see the Crested Caracara again, so we re-traced Saturday's route. At one place where the road we were on dead-ended into a cross-road, we found this hawk. The small tree in the distance just to the right of the hawk is probably the tree where the hawk and caracara were on Saturday. So this might be that same hawk.

What was so awesome about this hawk was that I was able to walk up within 10-15 feet of the bird and he just sat there!

Here is one of the last shots I took. I even had to back off a little on the zoom lens! I finally made some clucking noises and spooked him. The flying shot didn't come out as well as I had hoped -- you're always taken a little by surprise.

I've noticed that some of my favorite bird photographers talk about shooting from the blinds, and I assume with tripods to support the heavy photo gear (necessary for getting closeups!), but I'm usually out in the open and holding my camera (the new one with the zoom lens is much heavier!).

I'm fairly certain the hawk above is a red shouldered hawk. He's actually facing the camera (or only slightly turned). Notice the red-ish breast and the barring. This hawk was very patient and let me take several shots. Unfortunately, it probably wasn't real worried because all those tree branches were in the way!

Now, here's an interesting scene. I had stopped to get a few shots of the hawk on the right (below here). The hawk sat perfectly still -- not bothered at all by my being there. In fact, I have about 15 shots of the same bird -- it's hardly moved!

In the middle of all those shots, I happened to look over to the left. And here's this feisty mockingbird (I can say that, because they all are feisty -- and they love to pester hawks!).

I finally realized that the poor hawk was as concerned about that troublesome "little bird" as it was about that troublesome person clicking away with a camera. Both needed watching!

Finally, I took some shots of what I usually refer to as "LBB's" (little bitty birds). This first one is an Eastern Phoebe. The water behind is a flooded field (probably a rice field). We have a lot of those in our area...

This bird, I thought was a sparrow, until I unloaded the picture from the camera and looked a little more closely (yes, it's seriously cropped!). It appears to be a yellow rumped warbler -- but it doesn't quiet match the drawings in the bird book. So I guess we'll have to give this one a maybe!


Youngmans Fancy said...

Nice Blog as an ex falconer or Austringer "yes I also kept Gos hawks", but by far my favorite was my Female Redtail "Sioux" tame wasn't the word to describe her without being imprinted she was very tame. we would spend our days hunting rabbits and our nights by the fire with the dogs who she just tollerated, but woe betide any who got too close to me, she would lash out with fury that made the most fierce dog whimper and cower back under my chair. Strangely she was a lot more tollerant of the ferrets who she hunted with even although they were more of a size to have made a meal of, if somewhat pungent. Looking forward to more Redtail Pictures

Stormy said...

Hi youngmans fancy --

My husband had a female redtail as well -- "Shadow". He carried her picture in his wallet for years (instead of mine! -- well, maybe he had both.). Until his wallet got stolen.

We have LOTS of redtails in our area, so you'll see more -- I promise.