Monday, May 21, 2007

Friday trip to Port A

On Friday we got up and after our usual "Rockport Breakfast" at the Duck Inn, we headed for Port Aransas -- fondly referred to as "Port A".

I love ferry rides -- but I must admit that this one is WAY too short!

Usually ferry landings are good places for birds to perch. At Port A, there are almost always a row of cormorants atop the landing gear, but not this time. Instead, we had this highly photogenic Pelican.

As we pulled into the landing, the pelican looked straight at me for this great "Head On" shot. Notice the colors on the tip of his bill.

A little further on, and he decided to look the other way. I must admit that I'm particularly fond of Brown Pelicans -- I love the colors and pattern on their heads and necks. White Pelicans are pretty when they are flying, with the black on their wing-tips, but otherwise, they're just plain! And besides, they go somewhere else in the summertime -- we didn't see a single one this trip!

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