Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Birds for the Life List

We have about 4-5 birds to add to our Birding Life List from this trip. A couple of those are Sandpipers, but I was unable to get good photographs of these. I think Marc had better luck and may include some pictures later (he has decided to post his pictures on this blog as well).

The two new birds that I do have pics for are the Wilson's Phalerope and the Ruddy Turnstone. We saw both of these birds in Port Aransas. The Phalerope (right) was at the Port A Birding Center.

We saw the Ruddy Turnstone on the mainland while waiting for the Ferry. We both looked at it and said, "What is that?!?!?" Marc said, "Get a picture!" -- but the bird was on his side, so I handed him my camera. So Marc gets the credit for the Turnstone!

The last picture is not exactly a new bird, but one we've only seen a couple of times. The first time was on the boat tour when we finally saw our first whooping cranes. This is a "Reddish Egret". We did see one on the road heading up to the ferry to Port A, but this picture was taken back at the Bird Viewing area just south of Rockport. I apologize it's not a good shot -- the bird was quite a distance away.

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