Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lazy Afternoon on Fulton Beach Road

We made our trip to Port Aransas in the morning, then came back to Fulton for lunch. And then, of course we had to feed the leftovers (mostly french fries) to the seagulls. (Marc's favorite pastime -- well, one of them, anyway.)

I love having the birds hovering just a few feet away -- it's the only time I get really good "flying" shots.

After we fed the gulls, we drove down Fulton Beach Road, and saw this wonderful heron sitting on a pier.

A little further down, we came upon a group of birds having their mid-day nap. This juvenile pelican with the big yawn adds new meaning to the phrase, "Open wide!"

Here's another shot of the same pelican, possibly with a sibling.

There were several birds resting on that pier.

I especially like the geometric pattern of the pier at this angle as shown in this last pic.

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