Sunday, May 13, 2007

Little Boy Kitty has a name!

Isn't he cute? If you take a close look, you'll see that his eyes are rimmed in black and he has a black mark going away from the eye on either side. So we decided to name him "Specs". We'll probably call him "Speckles" as a nickname. But "Specs" goes with his reserved nature -- he likes to think about things. He's finally settled down some. In fact, I've had both kittens in my lap for much of the weekend. Marc says they're going to miss me when I go back to work tomorrow.


Lee said...

Specs certainly is a little sweetie, Stormy. :) I'm glad he's settling in. He'll soon become a big softie, you will see and will be demanding his fair share, if not more of cuddles. Have you had him neutured yet and the little girl spayed yet?

Stormy said...

Hi Lee,

Specs still follows sister around a lot, but he's slowly coming into his own. They make their first visit to the vet tomorrow, and I think once they've had their shots and a worming, Specs will likely perk up some.

The vet says they have to be 4 pounds before they can be "fixed". I haven't weighed them yet, but I'd say they have a little ways to go yet... especially Pixie -- she's pretty tiny.

Sandra said...

:) That is a really cute name. When you were writing about the black mark I was thinking to myself,he has eyeliner markings,then you went to the specs line which is good and then I saw where you came up with the name. Speckles on the other hand was the name of my rabbit when I was young. Speckles was brown with little spots all over him. Speckles would be good for the kitten also. :)

Stormy said...

Hi Sandra,

Specs is a real cutie too. You probably heard on LST that they went to visit the vet today. Pixie has been snoozing beside me all evening, but Specs has been MIA all day. Just as I'm typing this, he came out from hiding (whew!). I'm really hoping that the shots and worming will perk him up a bit.