Tuesday, May 22, 2007


When we first arrived at the bird viewing area, we saw two juvenile spoonbills. They were across the pond from us, and we didn't realize they were youngsters at first. The one on the right was trying to perch on a long limb.

It was humorous to watch this young bird's balancing act on the limb -- but these antics were what first caught my attention. This young 'un wiggled and wobbled every which way until it settled down on that limb.

Meanwhile, it's sibling was napping. These two pretty much stayed put most of the time we were there.

About the time we were thinking about leaving, an adult flew in. I'm guessing that this is a parent of the two juveniles because after it came in and fed a bit, it flew away again and the two youngsters followed. Well, one did -- and the other finally woke up and joined them.

I'm guessing this might be "Mom" -- look how she's posing -- just like a model on a New York Runway. And she's dressed in the height of bird-fashions. This year's hot color -- PINK! Now if she could only do something with that schnoz.

Tomorrow, I'll continue with the skimmer and a few stilts.

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