Friday, May 11, 2007


We have two new members to our family. Earlier this week, we adopted a couple of new kittens. I really wished we could have taken all four because the others will likely end up in a shelter. But two is really enough for us.

Marc wants them to be indoor-outdoor cats (once they're older, of course). We'll see... We decided not to name them right away because we wanted to see their personalities.

The little black kitten is the female. She's lively, inquisitive and has warmed up to us quickly. I worked from home today and she has slept beside me all day (when she wasn't walking across my laptop!) Marc decided to name her Pixie -- it's a really good choice!

This is "Little Brother". I love his markings -- he's a beautiful cat. However, he's very wary of us and runs at every chance. I think Pixie will bring him around. But we still haven't gotten to know him well enough to give him a name -- so he'll just have to remain Little Brother for a while.


Lee said...

I'm in love! I'm in love! How cute they are. Beautiful little things. I understand how you felt when you saw the four of them together, Stormy.

When I went to get a kitten after Pushkin my ginger mate of many years died...there were two kittens and sister...Yep...I took them both! And I'm so glad I did. These two of mine are so great and I love them so much. Remy, the male, is black with a white nose, chest and belly, and white paws, while, Shama (pronounced "Sharma") is a grey,black and white tabby.

Your little male will come around...just shower attention on him at every opportunity and talk to him all the won't take long.

Happy families! :)

Stormy said...

Hi Lee,

Yes, he'll come around. And they both still run when we walk up to them. But at least now he'll come up under my footstool and play with my toes. So I can occasionally grab him and force a little love on him. ;-)

Sandra said...

I was over at Lee's blog when I read that you had photos of the kittens. I had to come check out the kittens. I agree with Lee they are so cuteeeeeee. :)

Stormy said...

Hi Sandra,

We're really enjoying those two little rascals!

Did you also see the hummingbird shot (next post down)? I was thinking of you when I took that.